DANCE MOViES Commission 2008-2009

The official premiere of four new projects created through the DANCE MOViES Commission, the only major program in the U.S. to support new works that fuse dance with the technologies of the moving image. These projects represent the second round of this commission and encompass a single-channel video installation made from animated 3-D scans of a dancer and three dance films spanning the gamut from Depression-era musical, to love story, to dancing full throttle through city streets.

The screening is followed by a presentation and open discussion with the artists and filmmakers. Afterwards, all are invited to a reception in EMPAC’s café.



Looking Forward-Man and Woman

Roberta Marques

Directed by Roberta Marques, choreographed and performed by Michael Schumacher and Liat Waysbort (Brazil/Netherlands).

This film is a love letter from a man to his wife at the end of their long lives, and simultaneously a portrait of a younger couple at the beach, where both the waves and time run backwards in opposition to the drift of fate. The second film in a trilogy that plays with the reversal of movement and time in video and dance to create mind-binding illusions. With excerpts from the poignant Lettre à D. by the social philosopher and writer André Gorz. (10 minutes)

Sunscreen Serenade

Kriota Willberg

Directed and choreographed by Kriota Willberg. Sound by Carmen Borgia. Illustration and design by R. Sikoryak. (USA)

In homage to Busby Berkeley’s flamboyant kaleidoscopic style of the 1930s, scantily-clad finger puppets tackle the contemporary issue of ozone depletion. Cheerfully dancing in formation, the diminutive dancers deliver a gentle reminder that environmental and political trends come and go, much like the drift of our culture through movie fads. (5 minutes)