DANCE MOViES Commission 2010

The DANCE MOViES Commission supports the creation of new works for the screen which vary widely in content and form, yet are united by the fact that the image on the screen was crafted by, or in collaboration with, a choreographer or movement-based artist. The works supported combine the possibilities and range of the moving image in all its technological facets with the physicality and movement-based modes of dance.

Examples of works supported by the commission include films that are narrative-driven, using the conventions of filmic story-telling; some may be abstract works which mine the inherent sympathies between the time-based, visual aspects of both dance and film; some may not even feature “dance” as is generally defined, but contain a powerful sense of how movement unfurls in time and how we create meaning from the dance of images; some may take advantage of tools such as computer processing, motion capture, simulation, animation, and image processing; and some may extend the confines of the single screen to multiple screens or projections.

The DANCE MOViES Commission is supported by the Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts.