FLUX Quartet

Saturday, February 17, 2007
February 17, 2007

On the 17th, FLUX will perform a new piece by Alvin Lucier called GROUP TAPPER that explores the Biotech Center's acoustics, Matthew Welch's bagpipe/gamelan inpired SIUBHAL TURNLAR, the architect/composer Iannis Xenakis's gritty TETORA, Anton von Webern's micro-masterpieces 6 BAGATELLEN and Giacinto Scelsi's QUATUOR n°2.

Founded in the early 90's, Violinist Tom Chiu founded the FLUX Quartet with a quest similar to that of the original Fluxus artists: a search for a living art for all people with an embracing "anything-goes" spirit.

FLUX Quartet both champions the work of living composers and insists on the existence of a new canon of 20th century string quartet music. Composers such as Xenakis, Ligeti, Cage, Feldman, Scelsi, and Lucier are their staples. In addition to their "classical" repetoire, they have pursued collaborative projects with saxophonists Ornette Coleman and Oliver Lake, balloon performance artist Judy Dunaway, Attack Theater, Shen Wei Dance Arts, and video artist Bill Viola.

FLUX Quartet
February 17, 2007, 8PM