Seeing Time in Music Video

Friday, February 23, 2007

Stop.Watch is a special screening of rock, pop and electronic music videos by top directors for the likes of Hot Chip, Death Cab for Cutie, Tiga and Kid 606. The compilation focuses on directors who use time itself as the creative or conceptual impetus for their videos. Limited by the length of a song, the artistic possibilities afforded to short music video directors has always been a challenge. However, recently it appears that it is often just that temporal context that prompts directors to concentrate on the parameter of time as a creative departure point, rather than as a restriction.

Whether they are slowing down or speeding up time, layering or collapsing its boundaries or simply rendering time topsy turvy, these directors create videos that not only trigger us to think about time as an artistic device, but to physically see its creative manipulation in motion.


Smiley Faces
Music: Gnarles Barkley
Director: Robert Hales
Courtesy: HIS Productions and Downtown/Atlantic Records

Velvet Cell
Music: Gravenhurst
Director: Thomas Hicks
Courtesy: Warp Records

You Gonna Want Me
Music: Tiga
Director: Olivier Gondry
Courtesy: PIAS Recordings and Last Gang Records Inc.

Beneath the Rose
Music: Micah P. Hinson
Director: Karni & Saul
Courtesy: Flynn Productions

Sugar Water
Music: Cibo Matto
Director: Michel Gondry
Courtesy: Partizan Entertainment

Music: Kid606
Director: Pleix
Courtesy: Pleix Films and Mille Plateaux Records

Music: Seb Martel
Director: Arno Salters
Courtesy: Spy Entertainment, Nose PH and Seb Martel/Corida

Summer Skin
Music: Death Cab for Cutie
Director: Lightborne Inc.
Courtesy: Lightborne Inc.

Music: Interpol
Director: Christopher Mills
Courtesy: Spy Entertainment/Matador Records

Music: Coldcut
Director: Hexstatic
Courtesy: Ninja Tune

Over and Over
Music: Hot Chip
Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Courtesy: Capitol/EMI Music and Partizan Entertainment

The Girl and the Sea
Music: The Presets
Director: Lee Lennox
Courtesy: Modular Recordings and Draw Pictures

45 minutes
February 23, 2007, 7PM