Saturday, October 4, 2008

THERE IS STILL TIME..BROTHER is The Wooster Group’s first interactive 360-degree war film.

Standing inside a 360-degree projection screen, the audience is surrounded by the film’s bewildering narrative space, where the action can only be seen and heard clearly through a virtual peephole that scans the circle, controlled by a member of the audience.

The film’s host attempts to articulate the aesthetic implications of this shrunken-panoramic cinema space while massively outnumbered British troops battle the French for control of Fort Calypso. Grotesquely enlarged children’s toys vie for attention with politically-minded bloggers and unsavory YouTube videos. Each time the piece is viewed, a new narrative experience is spun out, threading together a unique sequence of revelations. The audience becomes immersed in a process of discovery whereby the very choice to look or turn away actually creates the story.

Kathleen Forde

THE WOOSTER GROUP is a collective of artists who make new work for the Theater. Under the direction of Elizabeth LeCompte and with its associates and staff, the Group has created over 40 works for Theater, dance and media. For more than thirty years, The Wooster Group has cultivated new forms and techniques of theatrical expression reflective of and responsive to our evolving culture, while sustaining a consistent ensemble and maintaining a flexible repertory.

Elizabeth LeCompte has directed all of The Wooster Group’s productions since the founding of the company in 1976.

Jeffrey Shaw has been a leading figure in new media art since its emergence from the performance, expanded cinema and installation paradigms of the 1960s to its present day technology-informed and virtualized forms.

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