Stile Moderno: new music from the 17th century

Friday, January 23, 2009

The new early music ensemble Quicksilver presents a concert of brilliant and virtuosic music from the avant-garde of the 1600s. Italy in the early 17th century was not just the home of the new science of Galileo, but of a nuove musiche or new music as well. Composers were experimenting with the emerging genre of the sonata — an abstract work for instruments — and discovering ways of creating elaborate and theatrical musical conversations between the players. This new music is full of abrupt contrasts, dramatic shifts of texture, and spectacular solo writing, as well as infectiously rhythmic dance movements and heartbreakingly beautiful melodies.

Micah Silver

Quicksilver is an exciting ensemble of some of the finest historically informed performers in America today. Led by Robert Mealy and Julie Andrijeski, two of today's leading baroque violinists, this ensemble explores the rich chamber music repertoire of the early modern period, from the strange and extravagant trio sonatas of the Italian and German 17th century to the spectacular chamber music of the High Baroque. The performers of Quicksilver are all longstanding members of some of America's most distinguished early music ensembles, including the King's Noyse, Musica Pacifica, Chatham Baroque, Fortune's Wheel, Piffaro, and Belladonna. Between them they have appeared on well over one hundred early music recordings.

Concert Hall
January 23, 2009, 8PM