Relative Realities

Volkmar Klein

in cooperation with Thomas Grill

October 1October 3, 2010

A pendulum swings through space. A video screen, constituting its pendulum bob, carves its path through the air. From its ever-changing position, the bob creates a view upon another scenery, a landscape only revealed through motion. A computer traces the pendulum’s position and embeds it into a mathematical model of the exhibition space where it collides and interacts with imaginary objects, invisible, but audible.

Micah Silver

Volkmar Klien's artistic projects span various areas of the sonic arts from interactive installations and interventions to perception to orchestral composition and generative electronics. Presentations of his work have included concerts and installations at festivals and institutions such as the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, Ballett Frankfurt, Volksoper Wien, Musikverein Wien and ZKM in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Born in 1971 near Vienna, Klien studied composition and computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, and philosophy at the University of Vienna. From 1997-2002, he lived in London, where he worked as a freelance artist, lectured at the London Institute and served as a researcher at the Royal College of Arts. He received his PhD in electroacoustic composition from City University London and holds a lectureship at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Thomas Grill works as a musician on electronic instruments, media artist and researcher of sound. His works range from interactive audiovisual installation and photography to instrumental composition and (electroacoustic) improvisation. Numerous appearances and presentations as well as scientific publications and lectures in local and international settings. Cooperations with renowned artists from the fields of music, theater, dance and video. Born 1972 in St.Valentin (Austria). Study of technical physics in Linz, as well as "computer music and electronic media" and "interactive electronic instruments" in Vienna. Since 2003 lectureships at the University for Music and Performing Arts and the University for Applied Arts, Vienna. Development of commercial and open-source media software. Scientific associate at the Austrian Research Institut for Artificial Intelligence. Thomas Grill lives and works in Vienna and Copenhagen. Further information under

Relative Realities
October 1October 3, 2010
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