Red Fly/Blue Bottle

Latitude 14

Friday, November 5, 2010

Aided by a young doppelganger straight out of silent film and an elderly entomologist, composer/performer Christina Campanella spins a sonic web that traces a young woman’s discovery of her companion’s deployment to a secret war and the steps she takes to make sense of his absence.

Staged as a concert that unfolds within a densely layered video installation, Red Fly/Blue Bottle conjures an associative visual landscape in which objects open up in unexpected ways, revealing worlds within worlds. Tightly crafted songs emerge from an evocative terrain of found sounds, ticking clocks, and analog tone generators. Miniature noir films are projected onto floating surfaces; live and pre-made video animates still objects. Red Fly/Blue Bottle explores the mediating effects of memory and how we use the power of our imagination to surmount that which we have lost. Co-created by Christina Campanella and writer Stephanie Fleischmann, with director Mallory Catlett and video artist/filmmaker Peter Norrman.

Hélène Lesterlin

Music: Christina Campanella
Words: Stephanie Fleischmann
Direction: Mallory Catlett
Video: Peter Norrman
Live Video: Mirit Tal
Set: Jim Findlay
Lights: Miranda k. Hardy
Costumes: Olivera Gajic
Sound: Jeremy Wilson
Performers: Jesse Hawley, Chris Lee, Black-Eyed Susan, Sam Baker, Erich Schoen-Rene

Latitude 14 makes work for performance that excavates the memory of objects, bends time, and blurs the boundaries of concert, theater, and installation. Poetic texts and the detritus of audio-visual technology bump up against state-of-the-art multimedia artistry. Things come together and break apart. Meaning accrues song by song, as objects transform and images accumulate, producing a Gertrude Stein-ian landscape of sonic and visual echoes. Red Fly/Blue Bottle (2010) is Latitude 14’s second project. The first was Tinder, a 30-minute live-art/video installation, which premiered at the EXIT Festival in Paris in March 2009.

Latitude 14 has received support from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, New York State Music Fund, NYSCA Individual Artists program (Film, Media and New Technology Production and Theater commissioning), the Greenwall Foundation, the Tobin Foundation, the David Bohnett Foundation, American Music Center, Meet the Composer, Experimental Television Center, and numerous individuals.

Red Fly/Blue Bottle
November 5, 2010, 8PM
November 6, 2010, 8PM

"...moody, driving music... lyrical monologues, otherworldly videos and an ingeniously eerie set... a purposefully elusive work, a poetic meditation..."
The New York Times

"...a mesmerizing fusion of performance art and multisensory installation."
New York Press

"An Ominous and Beautiful Dream"
— Dagblad van het Noorden [Groningen, NL]

"An intriguing, richly layered work of music-theater that resists categorization..."
Sunday Arts Blog,

"...Sweetly strange...a complete, unique universe.... Red Fly/Blue Bottle just might generate some buzz."
Village Voice


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