Argeo Ascani

Former curator, Music
Argeo Ascani

Argeo Ascani was Curator for Music at EMPAC from 2012–18. He first became interested in music with a childhood dream of playing the theme song to the Pink Panther. As a performer, he has traveled and played all over the world. As an educator he taught in the Music History and Contemporary Performance Practice departments at the Manhattan School of Music and has lectured in over a dozen countries. As an album producer, he has produced on labels including Cantaloupe Records, New Amsterdam Records, New Focus Recordings, and Wergo.  

Curated Events


International Contemporary Ensemble
Formosa Quartet and the Four Venues at EMPAC
Celebrating 10 years of Experimental Media and Performing Arts
10th Anniversary Season
David Lang, Ensemble Signal, Suzanne Bocanegra
Michael Gordon, The Crossing
Ellen Arkbro


Spatial Audio Performance
A five-day workshop using Wave Field Synthesis and High-Order Ambisonics
Spatial Audio Performance
Argeo Ascani, Todd Vos, and Jeff Svatek


Kate Soper
Trois Hommages by Georg Friedrich Haas
Rob Hamilton
Rob Hamilton
Oskar Fischinger / Mary Ellen Bute / Ryoichi Kurokawa
Peter Strickland
Charles Atlas / Ephraim Asili / Christian Marclay / Lucy Raven / Godfrey Reggio
Tony Cokes / Alexander Kluge / Sara Magenheimer / Laure Prouvost
Clio Barnard and Joyce Wieland
Nate Wooley
Morgan Fisher and Alfred Hitchcock


Cally Spooner / Mervyn Le Roy
Kou Matsuo / Brian de Palma / Deborah Stratman
Henning Lohner and John Cage / Lis Rhodes
Jimmy Joe Roche and Dan Deacon / Paul Schrader
The Machine is the Message: How Technology Will Fundamentally Change Music
Oneohtrix Point Never
4.35 - R0 - 413
Mark Fell
Mark Fell
Mark Fell and France Jobin
Marcel L'Herbier / Robert Nelson
Cory Arcangel / Andrew Lampert
Martin Arnold / Charles Atlas and Philippe Decoufle / Loretta Fahrenholz / Hassan Khan / Gunvor Nelson / Akram Zaatari
Dara Birnbaum / Evelyn Lambart and Norman McLaren / Steven Lisberger / Nam June Paik and Jud Yalkut
Vicky Chow, Stephen Drury, Marilyn Nonken, & Mabel Kwan
Sabisha Friedberg
Enno Poppe – Speicher


Fall 2014
Eric Wubbels — being time
The Only Thing that Makes Life Possible is Not Knowing What Comes Next
Sonic Warfare
Sabisha Friedberg
Sabisha Friedberg
Mariel Roberts + Nate Wooley


Manuella Blackburn
William Basinski
Brent Green
Oneohtrix Point Never
Ryoichi Kurokawa


Bach and Beyond
Ralph Lemon
Kurt Hentschläger
Tim Hecker and MFO
Michael Gordon
Black Hole Horizon
with Sarah Neufeld
Peter Edwards + Sabisha Friedberg
Talea Ensemble
Lucky Dragons