Staff + Faculty

Geoff Abbas,
Director for Stage Technologies
Eric Ameres,
Senior Research Engineer
Argeo Ascani,
Curator, Music
Dave Bebb,
Senior System Administrator, Network
Peter Bellamy,
Senior Systems Programmer
Mick Bello,
Video Engineer
Victoria Brooks,
Curator, Time-Based Visual Arts
Eric Brucker,
Lead Video Engineer
Michele Cassaro,
Guest Services Coordinator
John Cook,
Box Office Manager
Roxanne De Hamel,
Web Developer
David DeLaRosa,
Production Technician
Zhenelle Falk,
Artist Services Administrator
William Fritz,
Master Carpenter
Kimberly Gardner,
Manager, Administrative Operations
Johannes Goebel,
Ian Hamelin,
Project Manager
Katie Hammon,
Administrative Specialist
Ryan Jenkins,
Senior Event Technician
Shannon Johnson,
Design Director
Eileen Krywinski,
Graphic Designer
Carl Lewandowski,
Production Technician
Eric Chi-Yeh Lin,
Assistant Technical Director
Stephen McLaughlin,
Senior Event Technician
Josh Potter,
Marketing and Communications Manager
Alena Samoray,
Event Technician
Candice Sherman,
Business Coordinator
Avery Stempel,
Front of House Manager
Kim Strosahl,
Production Coordinator
Jeff Svatek,
Audio Engineer
Daniel Swalec,
Master Electrician - Lighting Supervisor
Todd Vos,
Lead Audio Engineer
Michael Wells,
Production Technician

Affiliated Faculty

Jonas Braasch –
School of Architecture, Architectural Acoustics Program
Barbara Cutler –
Computer Science
Jim Hendler –
Computer Science, Cognitive Science , Tetherless World Senior Constellation Professor
Pauline Oliveros –
Arts Department
Rich Radke –
Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering