Your ticket to the experimental performing arts at Rensselaer

Program Description

As part of the Rensselaer Art_X initiative to integrate the methods and mindset of art across teaching and research, EMPAC+ invites students of all classes and majors to venture deeper into the boundary-pushing productions developed and presented at EMPAC.

Fall 2017

  • EMPAC+ Pizza Party
    Wednesday, September 6, 6PM
  • Meet up with fellow EMPAC-plussers in the EMPAC café for our season kick-off pizza party. We’ll talk about everything coming up this fall at EMPAC and head over to the Theater at 7PM for the first night of the Other Uses film series. New members welcome!
  • EMPAC+ Fall Dinner
    Friday, October 6, 6PM
  • Our big semester dinner. If you’ve attended two or more events this season, you’re invited to join us for dinner with EMPAC director Johannes Goebel and the curatorial team. At 7PM, we’ll head over to Studio 1 for Elena Demyanenko’s work-in-progress dance performance Echo/Archive.
  • EMPAC+ Gaming Night
    Wednesday, December 13, 7PM
  • Video games on the EMPAC mega-screen! If you have 5 or more “stamps” on your EMPAC+ virtual passport, you’re invited to a night of gaming in the Theater. We’ll take a vote among those who qualify to determine what game will be featured and then have at it stadium-competition style.

Spring 2018

  • EMPAC+ Movie Night
    Wednesday, May 2, 6PM
  • On the last day of classes, students select a movie to play on the EMPAC mega-screen.

Why Enroll? What do I get?

Once you enroll, you’ll receive free admission to all EMPAC-curated events for the duration of your time at Rensselaer. Membership activates your virtual passport, which is synced to your student ID card. By tapping your ID at the EMPAC+ kiosk prior to each event, you’ll get a virtual stamp on your passport. As you collect more and more stamps, you’ll move through four tiers of experience and expertise and receive the following rewards:

  • 2 Stamps
    Have dinner with the EMPAC director and curators before the final show of the semester, plus receive a special gift.
  • Time-Based Arts Traveler / 5 Stamps
    With fellow Travelers, curate a movie night to be screened on our mega screen.
  • Time-Based Arts Explorer / 10 Stamps
    Join fellow Explorers for a night of video games played on our mega screen.
  • Time-Based Arts Ambassador / 15 Stamps
    Receive the EMPAC Time-Based Arts Ambassador certificate and log your accomplishment on your CV.
  • Lifetime Member / 30 Stamps
    Receive 2 tickets to all EMPAC shows for life.

How do I enroll?

Just come to an EMPAC-curated event and tap your card at the EMPAC+ kiosk. That's it!

Wednesday Afternoon EMPAC Unpacked

After you enroll, we’ll email you about special opportunities and invite you to participate in Wednesday afternoon discussion groups run by the EMPAC Unpacked student club. These sessions will include conversations with our artists in residence, curators, and production staff, and behind-the-scenes visits to developing projects.

EMPAC Plus student Program

Note: For ticketed events, you will still need to obtain a ticket from the box office upon swiping your card. Tickets will be available two hours before show time. For free and unticketed events, you may swipe in at the entrance to the venue.

You may not reserve advance tickets for a performance using EMPAC+, so if you are concerned that a show may sell out, it’s best to purchase a ticket at the reduced student rate of $6.