Manuella Blackburn

Friday, November 22, 2013

Intricate and meticulous sounds are hallmarks of acousmatic composer Manuella Blackburn. Using a ring of loudspeakers situated around an audience in the dark, Blackburn creates a sound only environment where hearing takes precedence over everything else. The sound samples she uses in her works are sometimes recognizable clicks, often frantically moving, and always crisply detailed. Blackburn presents an evening of several of her works, including new material.

“Acousmatic” was a term adapted in the 1950s to define sounds (usually electronic in origin) that can be heard, but have no visible point of origin.


Vista Points (2009)
Karita oto (2009)
Time will tell (2013) - World Premiere
New Shruti (2013) - with Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty, Sarod
Switched On (2011)
Origami (The Crane) (2008)
Javaari (2013)

Argeo Ascani

Manuella Blackburn received a bachelor’s in music, a master’s in electroacoustic composition, and a PhD from the University of Manchester. She currently is a lecturer in music technology at Liverpool Hope University. She has received many awards for her work, including first prize for Vista Points in the 10th Electroacoustic Composition Competition Música Viva 2009, Portugal, and the grand prize at the Digital Arts Awards, Japan, for Kitchen Alchemy.

Blackburn is a member of The Splice Girls, a live laptop improvisation duo who have been performing since 2006. Together, with Dr. Diana Simpson Salazar, the group utilizes tools built in Max/MSP to create messed up loops and shimmering soundscapes. They regularly perform at experimental music events, including the sonic ferry at the Sonic Arts Network in Plymouth, and in Florida at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, among others.

Manuella Blackburn
Studio 1—Goodman
November 22, 2013, 8PM

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