Open Core

Julien Maire

Friday, September 20, 2013

In Open Core, French artist Julien Maire revisits public demonstrations of anatomic dissection from the 16th century with a presentation in which he deconstructs cameras.

The audience witnesses the elongation of cables, the diversion of light, and a progressive destruction of connections. The machines’ organs are transplanted to gradually build new instrument prototypes.

In an attempt to metaphorically and empirically reveal the “movement-image,” Maire provokes a series of anticipated catastrophes. The presentation crafts an intellectual trajectory through an optical journey into the body of machines.

Ash Bulayev

Julien Maire lives and works in Berlin. A visual and performing artist, his work deconstructs and re-invents the technology of audiovisual media. He renews obsolete cinematic techniques and develops alternative interfaces to produce moving images. His research confronts immobility and movement, reality and fiction, and interrogates the notion of time and memory in the film image.

Maire’s performance Digit and the installation Exploding Camera both received an honorary mention at Ars Electronica 2007; Exploding Camera also received a New Media Art award from the Foundation Liedts-Meesen in 2008. His work was nominated for the World Technology Award in New York in 2009.

Recent exhibitions include venues such as the French Pavilion, 25th Alexandria Biennale, curated by Mohamed Abouelnaga, Egypt; Matter and Memory, curated by Murray Horne, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, USA; SMAK, curated by Philippe De Cauteren, Gent, Belgium; Behind the Image, Artefact Festival, curated by Pieter-Paul Mortier, Stuk, Leuven, Belgium; 5th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, curated by Andreas Broeckmann and Joo Yun Lee, Seoul, Korea; and Elandscapes, Eart Festival, curated by Richard Castelli, MoMA Zendai, Shanghai, China.

Open Core
Studio 2
September 20, 2013, 7PM

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