Wave Field Synthesis Workshop

Summer 2018

July 16July 22, 2018
July 16 – 22, 2018

The second week of the Spatial Audio Seminar is a workshop format, giving participants focused time and hands-on access to EMPAC's Wave Field Synthesis system in order to develop new creative work. This portion of the seminar will be reserved for only a handful of participants who submit project proposals in advance. Submissions will be reviewed by seminar leaders and accepted based on the degree to which they utilize the capabilities of these spatial audio systems and the potential to realize the proposed project within the given time frame.


EMPAC’s Wave Field Synthesis array was constructed in 2016 and consists of 558 independently controllable speakers spread across 18 portable and reconfigurable modules.


The workshop will take place throughout the EMPAC building, granting participants access to a range of sophisticated audio systems in a variety of acoustic settings. Three venues will be outfitted with high-channel-count audio arrays, including:

  • Large absorptive studio
    (66’x51’x33’; 315m2, 12m high) with with two 186-channel Wave Field Synthesis arrays (one frontal linear array and one overhead linear array).
  • Large diffusive studio
    (44’x55’x18’; 230m2, 9m high) with 186-channel Wave Field Synthesis Array.


Applicants should be musicians, composers, audio engineers, or programmers with experience in multi-channel composition. We recommend workshop participants attend the first week of the seminar.


There will be one open-to-the-public performance during the second week. More information will be available later this spring on the specifics.


  • Participants should bring a computer and applications they are comfortable using for creating their projects.
  • Adapters to connect laptop to Ethernet cable.

Where + When

Studio access will be available 24 hours a day across multiple venues.


Lodging accommodations are available on campus for those traveling to attend. Checkin will be open on the 15th and checkout available on the 23rd for those who want to arrive the day before / leave morning after workshops.


Applications for Workshop Week will open on March 1 and close on May 1.


Wave Field Synthesis Workshop
Multiple Venues
July 16July 22, 2018