Rosa Barba: The Color Out of Space

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As a facility and an environment, EMPAC is a magnet to artists in a wide variety of time-based disciplines including performance, theatre, dance, music and film/video. Artists are given residencies and commissions which include a rare and powerful combination: time to experiment in performance and production spaces of the highest quality combined with a technologically advanced infrastructure. As part of our mission to support artistic production with resources and facilities which are project-specific, we provide access to equipment, expertise, rehearsal space, research, or other support as part of a commission, according to the needs of that project.

Image: Rosa Barba's commissioned work The Color Out of Space projected on the west façade in March, 2015.


France Jobin - 4.35 - RO - 413
Lucy Raven - Tales of Love and Fear
Rosa Barba - The Color Out of Space
Ant Hampton - The Extra People
Tim Hecker, MFO - Tim Hecker
Charles Atlas, Rashaun Mitchell, Silas Reiner - Untitled
Rosa Barba - White Museum


Isabelle Pauwels - ,000,
Sara Magenheimer, Michael Bell-Smith, Ben Vida - Bloopers #1
Aaron Landsman, Brent Green, Jim Findlay - Empathy School
Stavros Gasparatos - Expanded Piano
Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon - Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon
Temporary Distortion - My Voice Has An Echo In It
Eve Sussman + Simon Lee - No food No money No jewels


Alan Franco, Jörg Laue, Peter Stamer - 26 Letters to Deleuze
Petra Cortright - Bridal Shower
Patricia L. Boyd - Carl dis/assembling w/ self
Peter Gidal - CODA I + CODA II
Erika Vogt - Darker Imposter
DD Dorvillier - Extra Shapes
chameckilerner - FLESH
Seline Baumgartner - If it is as if it
Marianne Kim - Lost & Found
Orit Ben-Shitrit - Shadows with Heat
Jeremy Xido / CABULA6 - The Angola Project
Manuella Blackburn - Time Will Tell


Thom Kubli - Black Hole Horizon
Kurt Hentschläger - CLUSTER
Kota Yamazaki - fluid hug hug: (glowing)
Ralph Lemon - Four Walls
Jennifer + Kevin McCoy - Index
Nora Chipaumire - Miriam
Dimitris Papaioannou - Primal Matter
Ryan + Trevor Oakes - The Periphery of Perception
Wally Cardona - TOOL IS LOOT
Jem Cohen - We Have An Anchor


Phantom Limb - 69°S.
Sarah Michelson, Joanna Quinn, Pete Drungle - Devotion Study #2
Poor Dog Group - Dionysia
Francis Farewell Starlight - Francis and the Lights
Francisco López - Hyper-Rainforest
Colin Gee, Erin Gee - In the First Place...
Cayetana Vidal, Sofia Mazza - TAO
Japanther - The Cake of the 3 Towers


Marites Carino - Hoop
Alison Crocetta - A Circus of One
Trouble - A Narrow Vehicle
Lars Jan / Early Morning Opera - Abacus
Wingspace Theatrical Design - Act Curtain
Hans Tutschku - agitated slowness
Miro Dance Theatre - Already Seen
Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle - Amazingland in Troy EMagicPac
Nuria Fragoso - Anatomy of Melancholy
Jen DeNike - Another Circle
Sean Griffin - Cold Spring
Danièle Wilmouth - Fanfare for Marching Band
Paulo Fernandez - Fauna
Marie Sester - Fear
Thom Kubli - FLOAT!: Think Tank 21
Francisco Lopez - Hyper Rainforest
Wally Cardona - Intervention #2
Volkmar Klien - Kristallgatsch/Strahlung
Chris Doyle - Method Air
Kasumi - MO-SO
Paul Abacus - Paul Abacus
Rajendra Serber - Quince Missing
Michael Schumacher - Room Pieces Troy 2010
SUE-C, Laetitia Sonami - Sheepspace
Pooh Kaye - Spring Cleaning
OpenEnded Group - Upending


Sophie Kahn, Lisa Parra - Body/Traces
Patrick Daughters - Eyes Nose Mouth
Roberta Marques - Looking Forward-Man and Woman
Kriota Willberg - Sunscreen Serenade
Mads Lynnerup - Take a Day for Yourself
Steven Connor - The Chronopher
Workspace Unlimited - They Watch


Joby Emmons - Kino-Eye
Jennifer Tipton - Light Above the Hudson
Alla Kovgan, David Hinton - Nora
David Farias, Carla Schillagi, Maria Vallejos - PH Propiedad Horizontal
Margaret Williams - Veterans


The Light Surgeons - True Fictions: New Adventures in Folklore


Benton-C Bainbridge, Ethel, Pierre-Alain Hubert, Flyaway Projections, Stephan Moore - EMPAC 360: On Site + Sound