January 31, 2006

Suvranu De, Asst. Professor, Mechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Engineering

Presenting: IN THE LAND OF THE FEELIES From the learning of fine motor skills to the expression of intimate artistic emotions, touch plays an inextricable role in our everyday life. Current advances in science and technology are making it possible, for the first time, to reach out and interact with computer-generated environments, shake hands across continents and create phantasms where the sensory modalities intermingle and coalesce creating the illusion of "touching the sound" or "seeing the music"! In this talk I will introduce the rapidly growing field of "haptics" and how it is finding an increasing role in design, modeling and other techno-artistic applications. The future, of course, can only be more exciting! It is anticipated that EMPAC will provide the perfect forum for these and other applications.

Richard Radke, Asst. Professor, Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Presenting: LARGE-SCALE COMPUTER VISION, VISUALIZATION, AND GRAPHICS: OPPORTUNITIES FOR EMPAC Speculating on ways in which researchers in computer vision, visualization, and graphics can benefit from the EMPAC environment and contribute to EMPAC projects.

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Tuesday 31
8:00 PM
January 2006
Event Type
Tools and Technology