wave field synthesis workshop


EMPAC aims to create an environment of fertile creation, cross-pollination, and intellectual stimulation. Visiting scholars and researchers will participate in the formation of an intellectual community in scientific and engineering disciplines that may also engage perceptual and artistic knowledge and practice.

EMPAC is also a platform for research activities in areas such as augmented reality, virtual reality, scientific visualization, audification, haptics, human/machine interfaces and interaction, auralization, and multi-modal modeling in large-scale, fully media-integrated environments.

We support research by Rensselaer faculty which makes use of the specific resources we offer. Are you a faculty member interested in learning how EMPAC may be used in your research or do you plan to include the use of the building and resources in grant applications? If so, get in touch.

We also host research projects from outside Rensselaer, which bring their own expertise and funding to use our resources. If you have a research idea or project to pitch, contact us.

Main Image: Wave Field Synthesis array in Studio 1. Photo: EMPAC.

Research Projects



Johannes Goebel, Todd Vos, Jeff Svatek, Argeo Ascani


Eric Ameres, Gordon Clement


Zackery Belanger


Zackery Belanger, Johannes Goebel


Jonas Braasch, Pauline Oliveros, Doug Van Nort, Kyle McDonald, Luke Noonan


Barbara Cutler, Yu Sheng, Theodore C. Yapo, Christopher Young



Paul Henderson, Ioana Pieleanu, Dr. Rendell Torres, Dr. Mendel Kleiner, Johannes Goebel, Kirkegaard Associates