Billie Cowie: In the Flesh

April 15–19, 2008

In the Flesh is an intimate and uncanny experience. The viewer enters a darkened space, and dons blue/red anaglyph 3D glasses. On reaching their designated spot, they are surprised to see a dancer on the ground in front of them. Although she is in fact a projection (a Spectrefilm), she appears to be actually in the space, solid and real; she is there, in effect, in the flesh.

About the Artist:

Billy Cowie is a Scottish composer, choreographer and filmmaker. His myriad interests have him writing text for dance, new musical forms especially in relation to dance, composition for voice and exploring an expressionist dance Theater language. Cowie's first novel 'Passenger' came in March 2008 and is published by old Street Publishers. Billy Cowie has also collaborated for 25 years with Liz Aggiss, making extremely varied work with a signature wit and sharpness. Based in Brighton, UK, they have made over twenty live performance pieces and have toured extensively both nationally and internationally. They have created single and multiple screen dance installations, four screen dance films, live performance installations alongside dance Theater, cabaret and live art. Aggiss and Cowie's book Anarchic Dance includes a three hour DVD-Rom that is a visual and textual record of their live and screen dance work, and was published in 2006 by Routledge.

Dates + Tickets

Time-Based Visual Art
Billy Cowie: In the Flesh
Tuesday 15
12:00 PM
April 2008
------------ thru ------------
Saturday 19
8:00 AM
April 2008
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