EMPAC's Architecture and Design Exhibition

The EMPAC building is the result of an extremely refined combination of architectural design, structural solutions and technological innovation. The very high demands for the program and mission that this building is meant to serve challenged the consultants and contractors to go beyond the tried and the known to find new solutions.

Driven relentlessly by Rensselaer’s vision for EMPAC, these collaborative efforts spanned over more than seven years. These highly charged times resulted in a building that incorporates the distinctive aesthetics of the architect, the innovative strategies by the acoustician, the bridging between traditional and high-tech performance practices by the theater consultant, the rigorous requirements for the mechanical and electrical systems, the complexities of building on a steep hillside, and the constant push for reaching the highest obtainable attention to detail.

The integration of the latest developments in video, audio, networking and theater technology fro creating a truly experimental media and performing arts center added another layer of complexity to design and implementation.

Many of the feats and features of the building do not meet the eye and ear of the casual visitor. And even for the expert many details are hidden.

This exhibition is designed for the pleasure to discover a few details of the truly mind-and-matter boggling complexites of EMPAC.

Those who are interested in more aspects of EMPAC as a unique building and as outstanding example for the integration of architecture, technology and the arts, may look forward to forthcoming publication in January 2009 on EMPAC’s design and construction, edited by Mark Mistur of Rensselaer’s School of Architecture, with contributions by those involved in design and construction, and with architectural photographs taken by Peter Aaron/ESTO.

A presentation on main features of the building will take place on Saturday, October 4th with  Sir Nicolas Grimshaw and William Horgan on the architecture, Larry Kirkegaargd on acoustics in the building and Joshua Dachs on the theater design . On Sunday, October 5th, Johannes Goebel will give an informal talk in Studio Beta on EMPAC.

Dates + Tickets

EMPAC's Architecture and Design Exhibition
Saturday 4
October 2008
------------ thru ------------
Saturday 18
October 2008
$16/$13/$6/EMPAC+ Free