A large projection of multicolored illegible words overlapped with each other in a reception. A person leans against a railing admiring the work.

onedotzero identity

Wieden + Kennedy London
April 30–May 2, 2010

The heart of onedotzero’s festival ethos of ‘convergence and collaboration’ inspired designers Wieden + Kennedy to take advantage of onedotzero’s vast fan base and harnessing and bringing together constant, global live conversations from a diverse range of social networking to create the identity. Aggregated words and opinions are channeled via specially created software devised by computation designer Karsten Schmidt. Colorful strands behave organically, gravitating towards invisible paths that will ultimately make the onedotzero logo. a living, breathing identity driven by onedotzero’s audience and online community as well as in person at EMPAC. Projected on the lobby ceiling, you interact with the visuals via cellphone, text and online message.

Dates + Tickets

Time-Based Visual Art
onedotzero identity
Wieden + Kennedy London
Friday 30
10:00 AM
April 2010
------------ thru ------------
Sunday 2
8:00 AM
May 2010
Visual Art