A bald man wearing a black tack suit leaning over and examine a spiral notebook be presented to him but a woman with short blonde hair and a red top.

Real-time reactive systems

rAndom International
Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 7PM

rAndom International will give a talk on their award-winning design and art work. Best known for large-scale public installations combining technology, media, design and art, they play with real-time reactive systems that offer viewers an intuitive body-based experience. rAndom International is in residence at EMPAC, working with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance to create the scenography for the company’s new work, the sequel to ENTITY. Working at the fringes of innovation in science, art and design, rAndom International have developed a series of projects and installations that aim to re-interpret the ‘cold’ nature of digital-based work by providing the viewer with the opportunity for a more hands-on experience with technology. Their work emphasizes the ephemeral quality of information, harbors an intense curiosity toward experimental processes, and includes a body of diverse installations, commissioned works, and performance projects. More recently, rAndom International has investigated the potential of endowing usually inanimate objects and environments with behavioral qualities. As part of their evolving relationship with Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, they are designing the scenography for the company’s current work in progress to be premiered in 2010.

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Real-time reactive systems
rAndom International
Wednesday 24
7:00 PM
February 2010
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Tools and Technology
Visual Art