Zbigniew Oksiuta in disucssion

A Biological Future?

Zbigniew Oksiuta
April 12, 2012 at Noon

In his research, Rensselaer Architecture professor Zbigniew Oksiuta develops living biological habitats by combining art, architecture, engineering, and the biological sciences. His work looks beyond historical, social, urbanistic, and aesthetic factors to reduce the notion of space to its absolute minimum: the physical and chemical parameters that enable physiological existence. In this two-part lecture, presented as part of the Detail View: Campus Perspective series, Oksiuta will examine dynamic systems that transfer information and energy through a liquid medium. Using biological polymers as building material, he has developed liquid, jelly-like, and rigid shapes on a human scale for unusual gravitational conditions, which enable the development of new kinds of living habitats in the biosphere and in space. The underlying narratives are driven by contrasting conceptions of the role of the artist and of time. The first sees the artist as anticipating the powers and dangers of techno-scientific progress through idiosyncratic experiments, with time as linear and progressive. The second sees the artist as re-constituting past historical ruptures and forgotten pathways to envision alternative ways of being contemporary with a more cyclical sense of progress. In the context of his research on living biological habitats, Professor Oksiuta will present work developed by Rensselaer Architecture students in his Human Habitat as Biological Living System design studio course.

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A Biological Future?
Zbigniew Oksiuta
Thursday 12
12:00 PM
April 2012
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