A single grand piano sitting on the empty concert hall stage.

Concert Hall

The concert hall combines the outstanding acoustics, refined materials, and comfort of great concert halls of the past with the flexibility and technology of the 21st-century. The hall’s superior acoustics come from a number of innovations. Convex walls and other shaped surfaces allow performers or loudspeakers to be anywhere in the hall, redefining the notion that music comes only from the stage.

A fabric ceiling was developed for the first time ever for both for its acoustic and aesthetic properties. Air rises quietly from under the seats rather than being forced down by noisy fans. Visually, staging elements or screens, projectors, and platforms can be flown anywhere in the hall; high-definition video can be projected on the 56’ wide screen, and uncompressed video and audio recording over fiber cables in possible.

  • 1165 fixed seats (some removable seating)
  • 108 loose seats
  • Chain hoist positions in ceiling for hanging truss, screens, etc.
  • Concert lighting package with 373 sine wave dimmers
  • 3DLP projector (3D capable, 30K lumens, 4096x2160)
  • 50’x30’ projection screen
  • multi-channel audio and video infrastructure