A crowd of people seated on on benches, at tables, and milling about in a cafe.

Evelyn's Café

Evelyn's Café is the living room of the EMPAC building and the Rensselaer campus. Filled with light and nestled beneath the red cedar hull of the Concert Hall, this intimate space on Level 5 offers sweeping northwest views of the seasons and a tempting outdoor terrace.

Evelyn’s is served by two accessible elevators from the Box Office and mezzanine levels for visitors who use the Level 7 campus entrance above, and by two broad stairways for those who venture in from the 8th Avenue secondary entrance on Level 2 below.

Open during building hours and one hour before public events, visitors to the café space will find smooth floors and wide paths through customizable seating options, tables for small groups or solos, accessible restrooms, and a warm, friendly atmosphere. Join us!



Standing 550