People seated at tables arranged in a mezzanine behind a gunmetal gray modern railing. On the white wall gray text reads, his thirst, her endless praise, his napkin.


The Mezzanine, acts as a transitional space suspended between the East Plaza Lobby and Evelyn’s Cafe.

Connected to the Concert Hall via walkways suspended in air, this space overlooks the cafe offering sweeping Northwest views of downtown Troy. Slate-colored tiles along with traditional white and bright blue walls create a warm and comfortable setting for your next event. Traditionally set with tables for four, this transitional space adapts to suit your needs.

With easy access to the Cafe & Lobby, the Mezzanine offers the ability for multi level programs. Simplify the space and smoothly shift from a cocktail hour on the mezzanine to a larger seated dinner on the surrounding floors. Designate a networking space for poster presentations and vendor tables or set a space to distribute lunch at a conference. 

Looking for a secluded space, the Mezzanine is perfect for cocktail receptions or small dinners. This fully adaptable space offers many possibilities with catering services and custom arrangements available. Take your event to the next level and experience the many layers of EMPAC.

Main Image: A conference on the mezzanine in 2012.



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