empac lit up

Light Above the Hudson

Jennifer Tipton
January 11–February 3, 2008

For three weeks in January, acclaimed lighting designer Jennifer Tipton will turn the EMPAC construction site into a dynamic light sculpture, that can be seen intimately from nearby streets as well as from a distance across the Hudson and beyond. This commissioned work will use recent innovations in lighting to illuminate the EMPAC building. It will be both a celebration of the building’s elegant architecture, now in its final stage of construction, and an invitation for the public to experience EMPAC’s adventurous integration of art and technology.

“There are perhaps a dozen lighting designers in the country who work steadily enough to support themselves by their art, and maybe half a dozen who are acclaimed and in demand. Among these is Jennifer Tipton, characterized most often for the impeccability of her taste and a certain precision and cerebral quality to her work…”. — Elizabeth Stone for the The New York Times.

empac lit up
Photo: Ray Felix/EMPAC
empac lit up
Photo: Ray Felix/EMPAC
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Commissioned by EMPAC