Two male bicyclists, one wearing red the other blue drinking from their water bottles with a wall of graffiti in the background.

Nine Years

Lone Twin
February 13–14, 2008 at 8PM
Rensselaer Playhouse

Nine Years is a funny and hopeful yet borderline tragic performance event in the format of lecture/travel video diary by the UK based Lone Twin.

This performance is one in a series of pieces where the theater duo hilariously recounts and, in some cases, rewrites their true stories from traveling across the globe to do research for their work. In this final planned performance tour as a twosome, Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters attempt to bring together their entire body of over 700 performances and nine years of work in one 90-minute show. Drawing from extensive video documentation, Nine Years will re-present, re-negotiate and re-contextualize their performance work to date. That includes their 12-hour line dances blindfolded and dressed as cowboys in Ghost Dance, their daily cycle rides interacting with a variety of local communities in To The Dogs and their reading of all 135 chapters (plus epilogue) of Moby Dick on a North Sea journey from Rotterdam to England.

Dates + Tickets

Nine Years
Love Twin
Wednesday 13
8:00 PM
February 2008
Thursday 14
8:00 PM
February 2008
Contemporary Performance