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Mathematics as Poetic Enchantment

Margaret Wertheim
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 6PM
Evelyn’s Cafe

“Margaret Wertheim might technically fall under the oh-so-banal title of a science communicator. But this fiery Australian native has roamed far beyond the standard definition of one who just talks about science.” — Kristin Abkemeier, Inkling Magazine

To most people mathematics is an arid discipline, disembodied, abstract and remote from the human sphere. To mathematicians, their subject sings; it is the language in which they articulate an exquisite formal poetics. In this dinner and discussion, Margaret Wertheim, a science writer and exhibition curator, will present her work with the Institute For Figuring, a Los Angeles based organization devoted to the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science and mathematics.


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Mathematics as Poetic Enchantment
Margaret Wertheim
Wednesday 10
6:00 PM
February 2010
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