A black and white sketch model of the concert hall set in front of the completed concert hall.

The Periphery of Perception

Ryan + Trevor Oakes
February 21—May 31, 2012

"Art is the playground of the physical world. Light is the medium of all visual art. Any piece of visual material—art, nature, literature—that might spark awe in the mind will come through the gates of the eyes."
—The Oakes Twins

Identical twins Ryan and Trevor Oakes engage in probing studies of visual perception and light through material investigations, discovering methods that constitute key advancements in the representation of visual reality. This winter they will be in residence, creating a commissioned drawing of our Concert Hall. This drawing will mark the first time the Oakes brothers re-envision the structure of their drawings to trace the perimeter of binocular vision. This new work will be shown as part of The Periphery of Perception — an exhibition looking at the development of the Oakes’ work over the past 10 years.

Panel Discussion

A conversation on optics, the nature of light, and the rendering of visual reality with writer Damien James, photographer Michael Benson, and artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes.

Main Image: Installation view: The Periphery of Perception, 2012. Photo: Kris Qua/EMPAC.


Dates + Tickets

The Periphery of Perception
Ryan + Trevor Oakes
Tuesday 21
5:00 PM
February 2012
------------ thru ------------
Thursday 31
8:00 AM
May 2012
Visual Art