Abstract vintage wallpaper cuttings overlaid on paint, black text reads andPlay Playlist.



Violinist Maya Bennardo (Mivos Quartet) and violist Hannah Levinson (Talea Ensemble) formed their duo andPlay in 2012, and since then they’ve feverishly commissioned over 30 new pieces for the instrumental format. They reveal an astonishing rapport: a four-limbed ensemble of visceral intensity and nonchalant virtuosity. The duo’s bracing debut album features four pieces that explore the outer reaches of both the range and the techniques common to their instruments.

Released September 27, 2019 

Residency and production support provided by EMPAC/Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 

Recorded between Tuesday, November 13 and Saturday, November 17, 2018, in the Concert Hall of EMPAC 

Engineering, mixing, mastering: Jeffrey Svatek 

Assistant Engineer: Seamus Cary 

Production: Ashkan Behzadi, David Bird 

Cover Art: Gabi Hutchinson 

Graphic Design: LeeAna Benson 

Photography: Shervin Lainez

Published by: New Focus Recordings (2019)

Main Image: andPlay, playlist. 2019. New Focus Recordings.

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