FALL 2015 Program

Join us in the ongoing experiment
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This fall finds a number of long-term residential projects premiering new work, including Ant Hampton’s interactive theater piece The Extra People and Mark Fell’s Recursive Frame Analysis, the musician and installation artist’s first foray into choreography. The season will offer a bumper crop of electronic music, as Holly Herndon, Tim Hecker, France Jobin, and Tarek Atoui will all be tackling new projects; and for one late-night banger, Studio 1 will shake with a triple-bill of international beatmakers Ikonika, Daedelus, and vhvl. This will find its balance in a concert of guitar virtuosos, pairing Mary Halvorson (jazz) with Colin Marston (metal). Further juxtapositions will be pursued by dancer/choreographer Silas Riener and poet Anne Carson, who will converse through their respective mediums in Thinging: Dance and Translation and the Work of Anne Carson. Meanwhile, the medium of cinema will be explored from several angles, with Flatform performing a new live film project called dotQuantum, and Elizabeth Orr unveiling Mount Rushmore, a work in progress that blends live action and animation. Resident artist Jennifer West will invite curator/writer Michael Ned Holte for an evening of film memories, clips, and conversation, and an eight-part film series On Screen/Sound will explore sonic innovations in a medium where music is too often only applied and perceived as an enhancement to the image (including features such as Tron, Mishima, L’inhumaine, Blow Out, Gold Diggers of 1933, and many more).

July 23, 2015