Lucy Raven At the Armory

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“Raven is poised to map a newly emerging regime
by which filmic spaces are set.”
 — Art In America

Lucy Raven is an artist whose practice encompasses a wide variety of forms, including animated films, sculptural installations, performative lectures, and interventions into live television. Connecting all of these disparate strands is the artist’s continuing exploration into the effects of technology on the world. She comes to the Veterans Room to reimagine her work Tales of Love and Fear, a unique instance of cinema that is as much a film as it is a kinetic sculpture performing the architecture of the space it inhabits. A single stereoscopic photograph is split by two projectors into left and right eye perspective which slowly counter-rotates around the room, utilizing 3D film technologies to expand the perception of the cinematic beyond the screen through an art-historical lens.

September 29, 2016
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Park Avenue Armory