Spring 2018 Preview

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At EMPAC, everything we create is “time-based.” From concerts to dance performances to film screenings and theater, the artworks this season are each a carefully considered play of sight, sound, and movement: experiences that only exist in the span of time given for you to take them in but might dwell within you for hours or days after they end.

What you see here is only a moment in the story of each project’s evolution, for there’s another arc of time in which EMPAC performances are based. While French visual artist Laure Prouvost prepares the world premiere of her first stage commission, They Are Waiting for You, following a sneak peak last season, Hudson Valley filmmaker Ephraim Asili will reveal a preliminary sketch of The Inheritance, the feature he’ll spend the next year developing in residence. Last fall, our audience had the opportunity to view an early version of the dance collaboration echo/archive that Elena Demyanenko and Erika Mijlin will present fully-wrought this spring, while Swedish composer Ellen Arkbro will offer a concert at the outset of her coming residency developing spatial audio on EMPAC’s Wave Field system.

Between EMPAC’s four venues and the nearly 400 annual days of residential work they house, these project arcs are continually intersecting, creating a serendipitous collision of diverse people and ideas, while weaving yet another dimension of time in this story. This year marks a decade of the EMPAC experiment and, as we move toward a 10 Year Festival celebrating the milestone this fall, over 100 past EMPAC commissions continue their own storylines, living on in their travels to international festivals and with touring artists.

SPRING / 2018 — Rundown

December 5, 2017