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EMPAC Announces Residency in Collaboration with Quebec-based CINARS

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Applications are now closed. We will announce the selectees this fall.

CINARS is a not-for-profit organization based in Québec that encourages cultural creations emerging from the performing arts sector, promote commercial discussions between organizations specializing in production and those specializing in show presentation and make Montreal a worldwide hub of performance art networking. Known for its forward thinking CINARS Biennale, which assembles artists and presenters from 54 countries to show work and exchange on the future of the performing arts field, CINARS has continued to innovate around international partnership and presentation during COVID times.

In partnership with CINARS, EMPAC seeks an artist from Québec in the fields of contemporary performance, dance, or theatre to realize a complex new work at any phase of development; a work that fosters deep artistic inquiry and expands the boundaries of both discipline and media. This collaboration is based around supporting time-based artworks that are diverse in content, method, technology, and audience experience. The two-year collaboration extends EMPAC’s curatorial commitment to the in-depth support of artists over extended periods of time to develop and realize complex projects.



June 28, 2021