my ears...

Bruce Odland & Sam Auinger
Septmeber 29+30, 2009

What would it mean to build the city based on what we hear rather than what we see? Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger (O+A) are known for their observation of the urban soundscape and the resulting sound installations for public spaces around the world. Created with production support from EMPAC, my ears... is a performance piece that deals with perception, memory and the failure of the “sonic commons.” Based on their unique dual binaural recording process, the 40-minute performance immerses the audience in an extremely detailed spatial audio environment. This piece is intended to be followed by a round table discussion with relevant experts in fields of perception, psychoacoustics, urban studies, architecture, economics, medicine, the environment, and other related fields. While in residence, Odland and Auinger researched possible loudspeaker systems. Using speakers on moving carts, they were able to perform a variety of tests that would inform upcoming performances of this work in the US and Europe.