Halo V-2

Keiko Courdy and Frederic Sofiyana
January 12–February 1, 2010

Keiko Courdy worked on initial design concepts for HALO v-2, an interactive video installation for public space in which viewers would physically generate the electricity needed to run the installation by riding human-powered generators such as a stationary bike, before entering. In the installation, viewers would lie in a dome and experience a kind of space travel, immersed in interactive visualizations of real-time earth data from a satellite. By insisting on making the production of energy visible, HALO v-2 reflects on how humans have the capacity to adapt and invent new patterns of behavior in response to impacts on the environment due to climate change. Other versions of Halo were designed for deployment in the ocean.

Courdy is a French multimedia artist and director who creates installations, performances, and interactive and immersive works that push the limits of perception. Collaborators on this project included Jacques Parnell, a French illustrator and painter who works on representations of utopian architecture, and art director and photographer Frederic Sofiyana.

Visual Art