Before the Beep

Kónic Thtr
August 8–September 2, 2011
Studio 1–Goodman

Before the Beep examines how technology mediates interpersonal communication through a performance that could be experienced in person or remotely. During their residency, Kònic thtr developed and tested software to allow the public to participate in the performance using cell phones and the Internet. The result was a performance where a dancer interacts with information generated by the onsite audience (through cell phones) as well as text and audiovisual input from audience members via the Internet. Kònic thtr offered a work-in-progress performance of Before the Beep with excerpts of past works in performance, installation, and interactive technology.

Kònic thtr is an artistic platform based in Barcelona that is dedicated to contemporary creation at the confluence between arts, new technologies, and science.

Event Type
Contemporary Performance

September 1, 2011