Joanna Domke
July 27–August 18, 2011
Studio 1–Goodman

Untitled-Epilog is a two-channel video installation that examines how media influences our view of other cultures, taking as a starting point an earlier piece by Domke where intercultural collaboration failed. The residency consisted of production and post-production on a series of video interviews (partly documentary and partly scripted) with the participants of the former project. Shifting between various layers of representation—the documentary and the staged—the protagonists move within a neutral, culturally undefined space: a film studio, and later on, a cinema. Reality and representation are interlocked as filmed interviews are later projected in the cinema, playing with the idea of “cultural projection” and commenting on how media industry shapes the image we have of other cultures.

Johanna Domke was educated in fine arts in Denmark and Sweden; her work crosses between art and cinema with both a structural and socio-political approach. She is concerned with how images influence the course of history, the creation of meaning, and the shaping of identity.