The Surveyors

Architeuthis Walks on Land
August 27– December 13, 2013
Studio 1–Goodman

Violist Amy Cimini and bassoonist Katherine Young have been performing together as Architeuthis Walks on Land since 2003. The duo is known in the free improvisation and noise scenes for their jagged and kinetically transfixing works and performances. Cimini and Young were in residence to record, mix, and master their album The Surveyors.

The duo developed their approach to improvisation in Chicago and New York City’s experimental music communities, where they have collaborated with artists like Anthony Braxton, Peter Evans, Jessica Pavone, Hans Joachim Irmler from Faust, and the Tri-Centric Orchestra.

Program Notes

Works Recorded

(all by composers Katherine Young & Amy Cimini):

The Speculators

2-84°03’N 174°51’W

The Asseyers

82°06’S 54°58’E

The Surveyors

Production Credits

The Surveyors by Architeuthis Walks on Land, Audio recorded and produced at EMPAC, Released by Carrier Records