Per Tengstrand on the concert hall stage playing a grand piano.

The Battles of Beethoven

Per Tengstrand
Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 8:30PM
Concert Hall at EMPAC

Listening is an art, and in search of the perfect environment in which to practice it, humans have devoted millions of hours and the heroic efforts of architects, engineers, and craftspeople. EMPAC is a product of that quest. Commemorating his solo performance at EMPAC’s opening last year—Swedish pianist Per Tengstrand will give a recital and talk that reveal the technological breakthroughs that gave rise to Beethoven’s piano sonatas, as well as the innovations that followed from them. The evening will combine musical virtuosity with a provocative, witty take on the relationship between technology and creativity, as evidenced by the way the rapid evolution of the piano summoned forth new kinds of music.

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The Battles of Beethoven
Per Tengstrand
Saturday 3
8:30 PM
October 2009