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Music of Helmut Lachenmann

Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 8PM
Concert Hall

The German composer Helmut Lachenmann is known for his musique concrète instrumentale — music that uses an iconoclastic vocabulary of instrumental sounds, recombined to create imaginary timbres. The result can be uncanny: Imagine a string quartet able to sound like a car crash. Lachenmann's demanding, imaginative music will come alive in this concert by SIGNAL, one of the most exciting chamber orchestras playing in America today, and the JACK Quartet, praised for its “explosive virtuosity” by the Boston Globe. The composer will be in attendance, performing a work for piano and taking the speaking role in a large ensemble piece with SIGNAL.

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Music of Helmut Lachenmann
Helmut Lachenmann, Ensemble Signal, and JACK Quartet
Saturday 27
8:00 PM
March 2010