Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker

Friday, September 28, 2012 at 7:30PM
Concert Hall

Canadian musician and sound artist Tim Hecker was in residence developing a site-specific performance in the Concert Hall at EMPAC and recording new material for an upcoming album. Hecker used a multi-channel surround-sound setup, including speakers located above the Concert Hall’s suspended fabric ceiling, to create an immersive sound experience in near darkness. 

Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist; since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as “structured ambient,” “tectonic color plates,” and “cathedral electronic music.” He has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft that is both physical and emotive. His work has also included commissions for contemporary dance, sound-art installations, and various writings. 


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Tim Hecker
Friday 28
7:30 PM
September 2012
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Production Credits

PUBLICATION: Virgins by Tim Hecker. Audio recorded at EMPAC, Greenhouse Studios Iceland, and Avast! Recording Co., mastered at Black Saloon Studios, and released by Paper Bag Records