Flip Phillips on stage in EMPAC's Theater

Flip Phillips

Deconstructing Perception
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 6PM

In this talk, Skidmore College professor of psychology and neuroscience Flip Phillips tackles a series of questions about the nature of human perception: are the senses related, and how do they interact? What sort of “information” do we need to perceive our world? Can that information be decomposed into simpler, atomic parts? Does it need to be in order to be understood? This talk is commissioned in conjunction with Julien Maire’s lecture-performance, Open Core, presented on September 20. Maire dissects a projector, and Phillips takes apart human visual perception and its relationship to technologies for image production.

Main Image: Flip Phillips on the theater stage in 2013. Photo: EMPAC/Rensselaer

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Flip Phillips
Deconstructing Perception
Wednesday 25
6:00 PM
September 2013
As part of
Visual Art