Laurel Halo

Friday, September 12, 2014 at 8PM
Concert Hall

Electronic musician Laurel Halo performed new works that fused techno and dance-driven sounds with a heavy dose of synths and samples. Halo’s diverse output incorporates danceable rhythms, meditative aural washes, and pensive vocals into a singular, pulsing whole. Built around a slightly off-kilter sense of time and forward-looking production techniques, her music coheres around themes of physical process and virtual violence. 

Laurel Halo is a producer and live electronic musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Influenced by her Midwestern roots, Halo’s music speaks to new club ecologies explored through abstract rhythms, chaotic ambience, and moody jazz elements. She has released two full-length albums on the London-based electronic label Hyperdub Records.

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Laurel Halo
Friday 12
8:00 PM
September 2014
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