Mick Barr

Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 9PM
Studio 2

Mick Barr presented a solo performance of his electric guitar works. A guitarist of the highest technical caliber, Barr makes music that exists somewhere between progressive black metal, hardcore, and avant-jazz. Alternating between witheringly complex and gutturally primal, Barr is at the center of the extreme sound scene with works of unrivaled experimental improvisation.

Noted for his relentless speed and agility on guitar, and avant-garde compositions, Barr has been an active musician for almost 20 years and has released over 50 recordings. He is most known in the experimental and metal worlds for his work with the technical duos Orthrelm and Crom Tech, the progressive black metal band Krallice, and for his two solo projects, Octis and Ocrilim. He has released records with notable labels such as Tzadik, Ipecac, Profound Lore, Hydrahead, and Kill Rock Stars.

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Mick Barr
Saturday 4
9:00 PM
October 2014
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