Four dancers stretching before rehearsal in front of a large blank white wall.

Nothing Else

Seline Baumgartner
Saturday, January 21, 2015 at 7PM

Commissioned, developed and produced as part of the DANCE MOViES Commission, a program that supports the creation of new dance works for the screen, with projects developed and produced through the EMPAC artist-in-residence program, contemporary artist Seline Baumgartner collaborates with professional dancers over the age of 50, exploring how contemporary dance indulges in the eternal cult of youth. Is there a physical memory? How does the movement or style of a dancer change with aging? The work examines how a traditional vocabulary of the dance form usually links criteria such as elegance, grace, and dignity with flexibility and vigor. The research involved looking at age and the inability to move with agility not as a disadvantage, but as a conceptual framework for choreography.

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Nothing Else
Seline Baumgartner
Wednesday 21
7:00 PM
January 2015