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Markus Noisternig

Spatial Audio Performance
Monday, April 21, 2016 at 4PM
Concert Hall

As part of EMPAC’s Spatial Audio Summer Workshop, audio researcher Markus Noisternig will present an evening of multi-channel audio works. Using a 248-channel Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) array and a 60-channel Ambisonic dome, Noisternig will showcase the capabilities of this immersive system in a pristine acoustic space. WFS and Ambisonics represent the cutting edge of 3D, “holophonic” sound systems, which allow the composer to place and move sounds around the audience with an incredible degree of precision. While part of the workshop, this performance is open to the general public.

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Markus Noisternig
Spatial Audio Performance
Monday 10
7:00 PM
July 2017
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