Wave Field Synthesis at TIME:SPANS Festival in NYC

Bora Yoon, Nina C. Young, Miya Masaoka, and Pamela Z
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Bora Yoon narrates this short documentary about the EMPAC Wave Field Synthesis array presented by the TIME:SPANS contemporary music festival in New York City. She gives an overview of the technology, the four composers featured in the program, and her thoughts on creating a spatial sound work for the 256-channel speaker system.

Filmed, edited, and presented in 6K resolution by H. Paul Moon | Zen Violence Films.

Featuring Pamela Z: Sonant Topography (2021), Miya Masaoka: Seeking a Sense of Somethingness (Out of Nothingness) (2021), Nina C. Young: Phosphorescent Devotion (2021), and Bora Yoon: SPKR SPRKL (2021). Curated by Anne Leilehua Lanzilotti.

EMPAC Wave Field Synthesis array conceived by Johannes Goebel, designed/fabricated/engineered by Todd Vos, Jeffrey Svatek and Stephan McLaughlin. Lighting designed by Burke Brown and Abigail Hoke-Brady. Presented at the 2021 TIME:SPANS festival of contemporary music at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music in New York City.


TIME:SPANS Festival 2021 featuring Bora Yoon, Nina C. Young, Miya Masaoka, and Pamela Z

August 18, 2021