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Commissioned and produced at EMPAC during the COVID pandemic, The African Desperate has been nominated for several awards and is distributed by streaming platform MUBI. Film still, The African Desperate, 2022.

Courtesy of Dominica Inc.

The African Desperate Nominated for John Cassavetes Award

Film Independent Spirit Awards
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John Cassavetes Award given to the best feature made for under $1,000,000; award given to the writer, director and producer. Executive Producers are not awarded.


Writer/Director/Producer: Martine Syms

Writer/Producer: Rocket Caleshu

Producer: Vic Brooks


If this were a reality show, Palace would be the person who is not here to make friends. Palace needs to get home, back to Chicago from upstate New York. But that means surviving a hazy, hilarious and hallucinatory night-long odyssey, stumbling from academic critiques to backseat hookups.

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Main Image: Film still, The African Desperate, 2022. Courtesy of Dominica Inc.


Trailer: The African Desperate, 2022.