Tales from the Gimli Hospital: Reframed

Guy Maddin
August 25–September 2, 2011
Studio 2

Tales from the Gimli Hospital: Reframed paired Guy Maddin’s first feature film with a live performance of a newly-commissioned score by Matthew Patton, performed by a cast of Icelandic string musicians and vocalists including twin sisters Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir and Gyða Valtýsdóttir (formerly of the band múm), Sigur Rós bandmates Amiina, Borgar Magnason, and more. A new narration, written by Maddin, was also performed live, accompanied by Foley sound effects (by Seattle’s Aono Jikken Ensemble) and live visuals created by electronics engineer Paul Corley. A cult sensation when it was released in 1988, Tales from the Gimli Hospital tells a dream-like, elliptical story of jealousy and madness instilled in two men sharing a hospital room in a remote Canadian village. In this new performance, the score takes the original film in an entirely new direction: layers of music mirror the film’s story-within-a-story structure and provides an ethereal quality that underscores the dark and haunting elements of the film.

Contemporary Performance

September 1, 2011

Production Credits

A Performa Commission with the National Arts Centre of Canada